What is Walmart Moneycard? How it works?

Walmart Moneycard

What is Walmart MoneyCard?

Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card issued through Green Dot Bank in partnership with Walmart. It permits users to make purchases, pay payments, withdraw coins, and manage their money without the need for a traditional bank account. This card gives a safe and handy way to deal with normal economic transactions and can be used everywhere Visa or Mastercard is normal, each on line and offline.

How Does Walmart MoneyCard Work?

Walmart MoneyCard operates similarly to a general debit card, however with one key difference – you have to pre-load price range onto the card earlier than using it. Once you've got purchased the card from Walmart or ordered it online, you may set off it and add cash via diverse methods, consisting of direct deposit, coins reloads at Walmart shops, financial institution transfers, or mobile check deposits.
The card can be used for purchases in-save and on-line, bill bills, and ATM withdrawals. It's crucial to be aware that Walmart MoneyCard does no longer offer credit, so that you can most effective spend the funds to be had on the card.

Key Features of Walmart MoneyCard:

Walmart MoneyCard comes with a variety of features that make it a famous choice for many individuals:

1.No Overdraft Fees:

Unlike traditional financial institution debts, Walmart MoneyCard does no longer allow overdrafts, ensuring you in no way spend more money than you have to be had.

2.Cashback Rewards:

Certain Walmart MoneyCard plans offer cashback rewards for purchases made at Walmart stores, helping you store on future purchases.

3.Family Accounts:

You can set up sub-accounts for own family contributors, making it simpler to manipulate their price range and track their spending.

4.Online Account Management:

With the Walmart MoneyCard app or website, you may simply control your account, take a look at your stability, view transactions, and greater.

How to Get a Walmart MoneyCard?

Obtaining a Walmart MoneyCard is a truthful procedure:

1.Purchase at Walmart:

You should buy a Walmart MoneyCard at any Walmart shop. Look for the display close to the checkout lanes or visit the customer support desk.

2.Online Ordering:

Alternatively, you can order a personalized card with your name on it from the professional Walmart MoneyCard internet site.

Funding Your Walmart MoneyCard:

Once you've got your Walmart MoneyCard, you will want to fund it earlier than you can start the usage of it. Here are some popular investment alternatives:

1.Direct Deposit:

Set up direct deposit to have your paycheck or authorities blessings deposited at once onto your card.

2. Cash Reloads:

Visit any Walmart save and add cash in your card at the check in or self-checkout kiosks.

3. Bank Transfers:

Link your bank account for your Walmart MoneyCard to switch money electronically.

4. Mobile Check Deposit:

Use the Walmart MoneyCard app to deposit tests using your telephone's digital camera.

Using Walmart MoneyCard:

With your card funded, you could now use it for various monetary activities:

1.Making Purchases:

Use your Walmart MoneyCard like some other debit card to make purchases at stores or on line.

2.Paying Bills:

Set up bill payments to cover your utilities, subscriptions, and different normal charges.

3. Withdrawing Cash:

Withdraw coins from ATMs that display the Visa or Mastercard logo.

4.Sending Money:

Some Walmart MoneyCard plans will let you ship cash to other cardholders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Can I use Walmart MoneyCard for online shopping?

Yes, certainly! Walmart MoneyCard works for online purchasing anywhere Visa or Mastercard is frequent.

2. Is there a minimum age requirement to get a Walmart MoneyCard?

Yes, you need to be at the least 18 years vintage to purchase and sign up a Walmart MoneyCard.

3.Are there any month-to-month expenses associated with Walmart MoneyCard?

Walmart MoneyCard gives special plans, and a few may have month-to-month prices. However, there are methods to waive these charges, including direct depositing a certain quantity each month.

4.Can I withdraw cash for free with Walmart MoneyCard?

Walmart offers unfastened withdrawals for MoneyCard holders at over 5,000 Walmart save ATMs.

5. Is there a most balance limit on the Walmart MoneyCard?

Yes, the most balance allowed on a Walmart MoneyCard is $10,000.

6.What ought to I do if my Walmart MoneyCard is lost or stolen?

If your card is misplaced or stolen, touch Walmart MoneyCard customer support right now to document it and request a substitute.


In conclusion, Walmart MoneyCard is a flexible and handy prepaid debit card that offers a viable alternative to conventional banking. With its smooth funding alternatives, potential to control budget online, and numerous blessings, it's a popular choice for individuals seeking flexibility and control over their cash. Whether you're trying to keep away from overdraft costs, earn cashback rewards, or control your family's spending, Walmart MoneyCard has you covered. So why now not provide it a try and enjoy the convenience of dealing with your budget with Walmart MoneyCard!

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